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    Nokia's latest smartphone, the Nokia N9 on sale in Singapore on Sunday (10/16/2011). Will be available in three colors, namely black, cyan, and magenta with two capacity options, 16GB and 64 GB.

    Smartphone with operating system Meego 1.2 is one of the smartphone made by Nokia with the best design. Nokia N9 offers it's users blend of style and minimalist design. Nokia N9 is also one of the first handsets that have been equipped with Dolby Digital Plus decoding and Dolby Headphone post-processing. In bundle sales, Nokia has included pre-loaded maps and free navigation can be used in 90 countries.

    Nokia N9 is the first and last Nokia smartphone to use the operating system MeeGo. However, Nokia warrants will maintain the availability of applications and updates for the Nokia N9 is at least until 2015.

    For hardware specifications, Nokia N9 is equipped with a TI OMAP 3630 processor 1 GHz, GPU PowerVR SGX530 and 8MP camera technology with Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, dual LED flash, and HD video recording capabilities (720p). In addition, 3.9-inch AMOLED touchscreen display with a resolution of 480x854 pixels which is protected by Gorilla glass is ready to pamper the eyes of its users.

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The rumor, RIM Blackberry has Stop Production Playbook?

    Some analysts blew out the news that Research In Motion (RIM) Blackberry Playbook stop production and business end that tablet device. A growing issue on Thursday (09/29/2011) or the day after Amazon released the Kindle Fire with a price of 199 dollars alone was immediately denied RIM spokesperson.


    "The rumors are calling that the Blackberry Playbook will not be produced again is pure fantasy," said Marisa Conway on behalf of RIM as reported by Reuters. He said, RIM is still committed to working on the tablet market with the QNX platform that has been mastered.

    Previously, semiconductor industry analyst from Collins Stewart named John Vinn write notes that RIM is stopping production of tablets and tablet that development projects are already planned. He also cited a report last week stating that one of the manufacturing Playbook, namely Quanta Computer, shut down the factory in Taiwan and lay off half its employees.

    Playbook is arguably failed to penetrate the top of the tablet market is still dominated by the product Apple iPad. Competition tighter when Amazon launched the Kindle Fire with prices much more affordable. RIM sold only 500,000 units during the six weeks Playbook Blackberry last quarter, and only selling 200,000 units during the second quarter. Not smooth due to the sale of these tablets, a number of discount outlets.
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External Hardisk Especially for Mac Users

    Western Digital (WD) introduced a portable hard drive designed specifically for users of Mac computers. Hard Drive has a large storage capacity for storing digital content and will be synchronized directly with Apple's Time Machine. This product is suitable for photographers, videographer, graphic artists, game developers, or other creative workers. 

    For professional workers, WD offers My Passport Studio. With a capacity of up to 1 Tera Byte (TB), this product provides connectivity options with two FireWire 800 ports and a USB 2.0 interface stu. In conjunction with the use of ports, users can add drives or other peripherals such as HD camcorders. My Passport Studio displays the encryption and password protection software for security. Physical display is made of scratch resistant metal. 

    For individual users, WD offers My Passport for Mac is designed for individual users who need a compact and lightweight storage. This product is suitable for students or individual users who do not use digital content for commercial needs. This product is enabled via a USB 2.0 interface that requires no additional wiring or other power source. 

    "Are you a member of the creative community use Mac's, or just to enjoy digital content on the go, My Passport and My Passport Studio for Mac is a digital content storage solution you have," said Jim Welsh, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Branded Products and consumer electronics WD group in a press conference here on Thursday (9/29/2011) ago.
    My Passport and My Passport Studio for Mac will be available in Indonesia in late 2011 or early 2012. The recommended price for the My Passport Studio is 110 U.S. dollars for 500 GB, 126 U.S. dollars for 750 GB, and 145 U.S. dollars for 1 TB. As for the My Passport fo Mac is 77 U.S. dollars for 500 GB, 87 dollars for 750 GB, and 113 U.S. dollars for 1 TB.
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